New Plactic Pibgyrn Ready to Order and Ship

March 1st 2013 Gafin Morgan has now launched the Plastic Pibgorn and is available to buy online, you can buy it now and it will be with you in a day or so.. fantastic


they are allot of fun and have been years in the making..

Great news, following the great sucess of the first Pibgyrn Festival for many years it has spured instrument maker Gafin Morgan to work on the finishing touches of his Plastic Pibgorn Project and it is now almost ready for production, I have seen and played the prototypes and they look great and sound good, very stable, you will also be able to chosse the colour of your horns..a bit over the top and the first ones are going to be pink.

They will come with a case and they are expected to sell for less than £125 at the momnet in the key of D but other keys will shortly follow..

Been many years in the making but will change they way we play, as are stable robust and good looking.. well done GM, much hard work.

His web site will be up soon which I will add a link to, watch this space?