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Da Brothers Grimm 2018


Beam 2013

tunechain at trac’s beam 2014. for this we hired two nikon dslrs and used a rode camera mic as no power available to site, which turned out to be a big mistake as left a huge hiss on all audio tracks, the rode mic was terrible, and I spent a huge amount of time removing this using izotope plugins in cubase. After much trial and error found best avid import was DN HD 130, then export as H264.. 720p.. huge files but very clear…Rhods did a brilliant job editing as always, had to remove allot of the dialog as audio too poor.

Aneirin Jones, Rowan Kodratoff, Matt Rowland, Steven Fontaine

Gerardo Albela González

Dan Lawrence

Blanche Rowan

Hannah Thomas

Jordan Price Williams & Maria Hayes

Angharad Jenkins & Jenn Williams

Patric Rimes

Ned Clamp

Stacey Blythe

beam 2014 trac

the original 9

@gerardkilbride nine of nine, tunechain going west to Trefdraeth and Esla Davies

@gerardkilbride eight of nine, tunechain going south to Pencader and Ceri Rhys Matthews

@gerardkilbride seven of nine, tunechain goes north to Llandwrog and Gwenan Gibbard

@gerardkilbride six of nine, tunechain goes west to Aberystwyth and Robin Huw Bowen

@gerardkilbride, fith of nine, going north but filmed in the Wales Millenium Centre to Stephen Rees

@gerardkilbride, forth of nine, tunechain goes south east to Pont-y-pŵl to Beth Williams Jones

@gerardkilbride, third of nine, tunechain goes north to Merthyr Tudful and piper Gafin Morgan

@gerardkilbride, second of nine, tunechain goes west,

@gerardkilbride, one of nine films I made recently with my good friend Rhodri Smith