Ffwrnes Gerdd

The Ffwrnes Gerdd (Musical Furnace) series will be broadcast on Friday and Saturday, 19 and 20 April (9.00pm) as part of a unique co-production between S4C and the Arts Council of Wales to give Welsh traditional music the platform it deserves.

The programme, an original idea by Gerard KilBride and produced by ffilmiau’r ffwrnes, continues the tunechain series and features a wide variety of styles and performances by different performers in the beguiling atmosphere of the Ffwrn café and restaurant at Fishguard, Pembrokeshire.

The musicians given the opportunity to choose their favourite songs and melodies were Gwyneth Glyn, Cass Meurig, Lowri Evans, Ryland Teifi, Stephen Rees, Huw Roberts, Kizzy Crawford, Oliver Wilson-Dickson, Gwilym Bowen, Gareth Bonello, Richard James, Katell Keineg, Angharad Jenkins, Patrick Rimes, Gwenan Gibbard, Brychan Llyr and Lisa Jên, with additional web only appearances by Bob Evans, Bernard KilBride, Mike Lease, Idris Jones, Gareth Westacott.

Artist Linc youtube
Cass Meurig

Gwilym Bowen

Gwyneth Glyn & Cass Meurig

Huw Roberts

Stephen Rees & Huw Roberts

Kizzy Crawford

Lowri Evans & Lee Mason

Oliver Wilson-Dickson

Ryland Teifi

Stephen Rees

Rhaglen 2 (19/04/2014)
Artist Linc youtube

Angharad Jenkins

Angharad Jenkins & Patric Rimes

Brychan Llyr

Gareth Bobello & Richard James

Gwenan Gibbard

Katell Keineg

Lisa Jen

Patric Rimes

Richard James

The Extra Web fiddlers

Mike Lease

Idris Jones

Gareth Westacott

Bob Evans

Bernard KilBride