St Fagans Pibgyrn

Thanks to Amgueddfa Werin Cymru / St Fagans: National History Museum for

allowing me to publish their photograph below of the pibgyrn in their
collections and also for allowing me access to photograph these
instruments in more detail.

Square decorated elder Pibgorn with tapered tenons. Chanter central section length 190mm adding 18mm and 24mm long tenons. Width 19mm x 20mm.

Bone Chanter Pibgorn.

An “eye” and tuning holes?

Foelas Pibgorn.

Elder round chanter-with straight tenons. Chanter central section length 140mm adding 14mm and 12.5 mm tenons. Width 17mm with slight variations. Copies of this chanter I have made play in the region of E – F, even G.

If you are interested in viewing the
pibgyrn, contact the Museum on (029) 20573500.